Getting Started

Welcome to ASIC!

ASIC is a "BASIC" programming language compiler for IBM PCs and compatibles.  It includes an integrated full screen editor, from which you can edit, compile, and debug your programs.  Or, at your option, you can use your own text editor, and compile your programs from the MS DOS command line.

ASIC supports a large subset of BASICA and GWBASIC.  It supports over 90 BASIC statements, decimal, integer and string variables and arrays.  It will compile your programs at high speed, and the code it generates is fast and compact.  The syntax of each ASIC statement is generally a valid subset of the syntax used by BASICA and GWBASIC (exceptions are noted in Chapter 8.)

Additionally, ASIC includes a conversion utility (BAS2ASI) to help you convert your GWBASIC programs to ASIC.  BAS2ASI is described in chapter 11.

All you need to get started is:
  1. ASIC
  2. IBM PC or 100% Compatible
  3. 425k Available Memory
  4. Two floppy disk drives
    - or -
    One hard disk drive and one floppy disk drive
  1. Microsoft Compatible Mouse
The first step is to install ASIC as described below.  Then, proceed to Chapter 2 for a brief ASIC tutorial.  Following that you can read the remainder of the documentation straight through, or refer to it as you need it.

Have Fun!