ASIC™ 5.00

"Its Almost Basic"
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ASIC 5.00

ASIC 5.00 is provided as shareware.  Under the shareware concept,  you can test a program before you buy it. If you find it suitable for your needs and make use of this program, you are expected to register it.

Feel free to distribute this software to others.  However, you may not charge for the distribution of this software to others nor may you alter the software or this documentation.

Registered users of any version of ASIC will receive a diskette containing the current version of ASIC, plus may purchase future updates at half of the normal registration price.  A printed manual is available to registered users for an additional fee.

For further ordering information, please see the file ORDER.FRM, included with ASIC.

DISCLAIMER:  This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
Your registration fee entitles you to use this software on a single computer.  Site licenses are available, write for details.
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