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ASIC 5.00 Version Notes--08/07/94

New Features in Version 5

  • New GWBASIC to ASIC Conversion Utility (BAS2ASI)
  • Create and call external subroutines written in ASIC
  • Enhanced Integrated Environment
    • Integrated with BAS2ASI
    • Pop-up help for ASCII Character codes
    • Optional "Auto Indent" mode
    • "New" option added to File Menu for creating new source files
    • /MONO command line option forces ASIC to display in B/W
    • /NOMOUSE forces ASIC to ignore the mouse, if present
    • Backspace key will join 2 adjacent lines when pressed in column 1
    • "Enter" key will now insert a new line in Overstr and Insert Modes
  • New Compiler Statements and Features
    • New conditional operators "<=", "<>", and ">=" 
    • Variables names can include "_" characters for readbility
    • FILELEN statement will return the length (in bytes) of a disk file
    • GETDRIVE statement will return the current disk drive
    • GETREGS statement will retrieve CPU registers to ASIC variables
    • SETREGS statement will set CPU registers based on the content of ASIC variables