CODE number1[,number2...numberN]


This function may be used to insert machine language code directly into your program. Number1 through numberN should be integer constants in the range of 0-255. At least one number must be specified, however, ASIC will allow up to 30 per CODE statement.


CODE 205,5
This statement represent the machine code generated from the assembly language statement "INT 5". INT 5 is the BIOS routine which will print the screen to the printer. After execution of these statements in your program, the current screen contents would be printed on your printer.


This statement is intended for advanced programmers. This statement is very powerful, and if you don't understand machine language you could easily crash your program.

When you use this statement, be sure to save the contents of the following 8088 registers if you plan to modify them, and restore them before returning to ASIC. Otherwise the results may be unpredictable. Registers: DS/CS/ES/SS. Also, make sure you clean up the stack before you return (i.e., if you push a value to the stack, make sure you pop it before you return to ASIC) Failure to do so, will almost certainly cause your program to crash.

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